Wobst LeckSuchSpray
    Leakfinder Spray  from Wobst for tracing leaks in gas and pressurised air lines,
air brakes, camping gas bottles etc.

original Leakfinder Spray has the following properties:

- environmentally friendly
- non-inflammable
- non-toxic
- non-irritant to skin
- non-corrosive
- usable down to –30°C

Life threatening:
Leaks in gas lines are one of the commonest causes of explosions in homes.
Pre-empt serious injury and damage to property with a simple spray. And while you`re about it, better have a look at the caravan…

Energy saved
Creeping energy loss:
Measurement at a leak – which could neither be heard nor felt – showed air loss
of 2419 litres in just 24 hours. That`s 870840 litres a year!
How many of these “cost centres” are at home in your business?

Leak detection from as little as 0,002 bar!

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